HamsterLabs began around 1997 when I decided that I could probably make a little extra money on the side repairing broken computers or occasionally building one from parts. It used to be possible to build better than you can buy one of almost anything, even from a kit. You still can build some things better than you can buy them, but it is getting more difficult. When laser printers talked PostScript and cost five thousand dollars they were worth repairing, and I repaired many of them. It took me a while to realize that I was only ever paid for the time it took to do the repair, never for the value of the repair itself.

Writing computer software is one of the remaining crafts it may be said that you can still build better than you can buy. This depends conspicuously on whether you can write it at all or not. This is also one of the few vocations that allow the lone programmer to own the means of production, in this case a compiler or interpreter. If one has sufficient talent, time, and inclination one may be able to have a go at it.

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